Natural Vanilla - Vanilla Extract Recipe

Vanilla Extract Recipe

Easy Vanilla Extract Recipe

There are a lot of recipes for making vanilla extract recipes online that simply require dropping vanilla pods into a bottle of vodka and then waiting an extended period of time for the vanilla flavor to permeate into the vodka. If you, however, would like a much quicker method that will also greatly increase the vanilla flavor of your vanilla extract, we have developed the following simple pure vanilla extract recipe through several years of experimentation.

Vanilla Extract Recipe – Using Vodka

Chop vanilla pods or vanilla beans into small pieces and then boil the cut vanilla pod pieces in a covered pot in a fluid made from equal portions of vodka and water for 5 minutes at a ratio of 3.5oz (100g) of vanilla pods per 33fl.oz (1 liter) of fluid. Let soak overnight and when cool, strain out the vanilla pieces with a very fine sieve. Sugar can then be added to taste. We suggest around 1.5oz (40g) of sugar per 33fl.oz (1 liter). The cut vanilla pieces can then be dried and ground using a coffee grinder for use as vanilla powder.

Make Homemade Vanilla Extract – Alcohol Content

Note that the optimum alcohol continent is suggested to be between 15% and 20%. At this level, the alcohol still provides the preservative effect but does not overpower the vanilla flavor. By using equal portions of vodka and water, the normally 35% alcohol volume of the vodka is reduced to 17.5%. The alcohol content contained in the vanilla extract will ensure it keeps indefinitely. Use 0.5fl.oz (15ml), which is about 3 teaspoons per 33fl.oz (1 liter) during food preparation.

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Natural Vanilla - Vanilla Bean Paste Recipe

Vanilla Paste Recipe

Easy Vanilla Paste Recipe

Vanilla paste is made starting with the exact same method explained in the Vanilla Extract Recipe, except when straining out the vanilla pieces from the fluid, do not remove the vanilla seeds. This is achieved by using a sieve with hole sizes around 1mm which will let the tiny vanilla seeds through the sieve.

Vanilla Paste Recipe – Thickening Agent

Use a natural product such as cornstarch, gelatin, psyllium husk or xanthan gum to thicken the liquid so that the vanilla seeds are suspended in the fluid rather than sinking to the bottom.

If the thickening product has some lumps through the vanilla paste, leave it to sit overnight so the lumps can soften and then can more easily be mixed in. Transfer the completed vanilla paste into an air-tight container and store it at room temperature.

The alcohol content contained in the vanilla paste will ensure it keeps indefinitely. Use 0.5fl.oz (15ml), which is about 3 teaspoons per 33fl.oz (1 liter) of food.

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Natural Vanilla - Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Easy Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Vanilla pods can be used for infusing sugar to capture its vanilla flavor and aroma. You can simply bury two vanilla pods that have a reasonably high moisture content into 1Lbs (450g) of sugar and store them in an airtight container. Over time the vanilla flavor will permeate through the sugar.

However, we have a second method that will greatly increase the vanilla flavor in the sugar and also reduce the time it takes for the vanilla flavor to permeate through the sugar.

Vanilla Sugar Recipe – Storage

Select a large fragrant vanilla pod with reasonably high moisture content. Cut the vanilla pod into pieces and place it in the bowl of a small food processor. Add 1Lbs (450g) of sugar and process until the vanilla pod is finely ground and well distributed through the sugar. The sugar will be powdery similar to icing sugar. Transfer the vanilla sugar to an airtight container. Vanilla-infused sugar will keep indefinitely and is used as you would use plain sugar.

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